The Ride

St. Joseph Transit "The Ride" eight fixed routes encompass the city limits of St. Joseph and Elwood, Kansas. Curb-to-curb route deviations are available, on a scheduled or walk-on basis, to all users of the transit system regardless of ability. The following services are available at the transit administrative office:

  • Ticket books and monthly passes
  • Half-fare photo identification cards (seniors 60 years and older and disabled persons)
  • Bus route, schedule, and general information
  • Schedule deviations
  • Jefferson Lines tickets

Token Transit

St. Joseph Transit bus passes can be purchased using a new mobile fare app, Token Transit. Token Transit is a free app that allows riders to purchase their bus passes on their smart phones using a credit or debit card. The app displays a digital pass, eliminating the need for a paper pass. It also eliminates the need to purchase a monthly pass at a specific time. The digital pass is valid for 31 days, starting whenever the pass is activated. Customers may also purchase single ride tickets, 10-Ride Ticket Books and Deviations. The app allows customers who are eligible for a discounted fare (seniors, disabled, and youth riders) to purchase their discounted fares. Learn more about how to get the app on your phone.

Route Shout

Riders can track location of buses, look up bus schedules and see a list of stops through the Route Shout app. Learn more about how to get the app on your phone.