Plumber's Examining and Appeals Board


Meetings are held as needed, at such times as the board determines necessary to fulfill their required duties.


The board consists of five members. Minimum qualifications are that there be three members who shall hold a valid master plumber's license while two members shall hold a valid journeyman's license. The board members who are plumbers shall have at least six years' practical experience as plumbers and be engaged in the business of plumbing. Members serve five-year terms.

  • Randy J. Park, Master Plumber
    Term expires on October 3, 2027       
  • Brian S. Weets, Journeyman Plumber
    Term expires on June 29, 2024                
  • Ronnie Swope, Journeyman Plumber
    June 29, 2025 
  • Mike Veale, Master Plumber
    Term expires on July 2, 2023                
  • Jim Hoover, Master Plumber
    November 18, 2024  

About the Board

The board:

  • Proposes the content of and administers the plumber's examinations which reasonably test the examinee's knowledge of the plumbing trade
  • Advises the city on plumbing-related matters
  • Prepares an annual report containing its recommendations regarding any changes which should be made to the plumbing code
  • Hears and rules on appeals from owners of buildings or structures or any other person aggrieved by a decision of the plumbing inspector as well as on applications for variances regarding individual sewage disposal systems