Garage Sale Permit


Any sale exceeding two hours duration of personal property conducted at any resident dwelling or group of dwellings.

Permit Requirement

A garage sale shall not be held until a garage sale permit is obtained through Customer Service. Applications shall be made at least one day prior to the sale at a cost of $5. You may now purchase your garage sale permit online, or you may pick up your permit at City Hall, 1100 Frederick Avenue, Room 101A between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.

*Note: Dependent upon City Council approval, the city will offer a weekend, typically the first weekend in August, where residents do not have to purchase the $5 permit.

Display of Permit

All permits issued shall be displayed to the public at all times when and where the garage sale is conducted.


  • All garage sales shall be confined to the house, garage, or driveway and shall not encroach upon the yard or other area.
  • A garage sale shall not be conducted for more than four consecutive days.
  • Garage sales shall not be conducted more than four times in any 12-month period at the same location.
  • Signs advertising or giving directions to any garage sale shall not be used or allowed, except that one sign shall be allowed at the location of the garage sale.
  • Personal property from a commercial enterprise shall not be sold on a consignment basis at any garage sale.

We sincerely thank you for cooperating with the city in following these guidelines. Please email Customer Service for further assistance or additional questions, or call them at (816) 271-4751.

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