Seasonal Beehive

BeehiveThe Remington Nature Center added its latest exhibit-an observation honey bee hive. The observation hive, honey bees and queen bee came from Draper's Super Bee located in Auburn, Nebraska. Specially made with double strength glass, hinged door and locked entry, the observation feeder allows everyone to safely observe the bees. Such hives from Draper's are on display all over the Midwest, including at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. Craig Rippey, WPC, lent the Nature Center his knowledge and expertise by placing the bees into the observation hive.

A tube connects the observation hive to the outside and on nice days, bees fly in and out, busy with their work. Danny Murawski got the piping into place, as well as made a base to elevate the hive. A feeder jar with sugar and water syrup also feeds the bees, until the flowers are fully in bloom.

More features will be added to the exhibit, including an informational sign about bees, take-home brochures and honey recipes from the National Honey Board, and possibly a video of honey bees and their importance.