Residential Rental Certification Program

The mission of the city of St. Joseph Residential Rental Certificate Program is to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the residents living in rental units through the adoption of property maintenance codes. As a result of community surveys and public comment, the City Council made a proactive decision to create a Residential Rental Certification Program to help improve St. Joseph’s community appearance. The program is designed to help the city of St. Joseph improve compliance with health and safety standards and provide a safe inventory of rental housing for our residents. The program is proposed to begin July 1, 2019, and requires residential rental units to pass a minimum code inspection every five years.

An effective Residential Rental Certification Program will:

  • Increase compliance with existing property maintenance codes
  • Enhance overall rental housing quality and safety in St. Joseph without placing an undue financial burden on landlords or tenants.
  • Build a comprehensive rental housing database that can be used by the city to monitor the progress of neighborhood appearance.  

Any forms filled out from the list below, should be returned to Housing Compliance Inspector, Tiffany White, at City Hall. 

Tiffany White
1100 Frederick Ave
City Hall, Room 107
St. Joseph, MO 64501

You may drop the forms off in person or send via mail.

Business License for Rental Units Online Application
Ordinance (PDF)
International Property Maintenance Codes Commentary (PDF)
Rental Inspections Policy and Procedures (PDF)

Tenant Complaint Form (PDF)

Residential Rental Unit Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Unit Certification Application (PDF)

Rental Unit Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

Temporary Rental Unit Certificate (PDF)

Rental Unit Certification Consent of Entry (PDF)

St. Joseph Rental Unit Self-Certification Program (PDF)

Rental Unit Certification Inspection Methods (PDF)
Rental Unit Certification Program FAQ (PDF)