Jun 06


Posted on June 6, 2023 at 1:35 PM by ewearing ewearing

BeesGet ready to be buzzing with excitement because Bees is here to steal your heart! This adorable 3-year-old heeler might be small, weighing in at just 38 pounds, but she's packed with personality. With sweet eyes that can melt even the toughest hearts and the softest fur you'll want to snuggle all day, Bees is the epitome of cuteness. Don't let her petite size fool you as Bees is as smart as they come! This brainy pup is always eager to please  and she's ready to show off her impressive repertoire of tricks. As a Puppies for Parole dog, Bees is hard at work on her house-training, leash-training, crate-training, basic commands, and manners. With her intelligence and determination, she's sure to excel in all areas. Despite her smarts, Bees is a quiet and mild-mannered girl. She's not one to bark up a storm, but she'll happily join you in outdoor adventures and exploration. Whether it's hiking, jogging, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, Bees loves to be by your side while soaking up the great outdoors. If you're seeking a loyal companion who loves outdoor fun and being close to her people, Bees is the perfect match for you. Don't let this opportunity fly away! If you are interested in meeting Bees, contact the shelter at 271-5363.

Jun 06


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QuesoIntroducing Queso, the lab mix that will melt your heart with his cheesy charm! This pup is like a ray of sunshine on four legs, spreading joy wherever he goes. Queso absolutely adores everyone he meets and his love knows no bounds. As a proud participant in the Puppies for Parole program, Queso is determined to become the best canine companion he can be. He's currently hard at work on important skills like house-training, crate-training, leash-training, basic obedience, and manners. Don't be surprised if he asks for a side of queso with his lessons, after all, a happy tummy makes for a happy pup! However, Queso's love for snacks and belly rubs is only matched by his love for making his humans happy. He's a true delight to have around by bringing joy to every moment of your day. Whether it's a sunny afternoon or a rainy evening, Queso knows how to brighten the atmosphere with his playful antics and wagging tail. Trust us, everyone falls head over paws for this lovable goofball. If you're ready for a lifetime supply of laughter and love, Queso is the perfect match for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring this delightful pup into your life. If you are interested in meeting Queso, contact the shelter at 271-5363.

May 31


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NeraMeet Nera, the pocket pit with a heart full of love and an irresistible charm! This adorable pup is on the lookout for her forever home, where she can bring joy and laughter to her new family. With her squatty body, cute under-bite, and the most comically endearing ears, Nera is sure to steal your heart. When Nera spots someone approaching, get ready for the show! Her wiggly little butt can reach an impressive speed of 100mph, showcasing her excitement and anticipation of meeting new people. Affection is her middle name, and she thrives on cuddles, belly rubs, and all the love you can give. Nera is currently enrolled in the Puppies for Parole program, where she's working diligently on essential skills. House-training, crate-training, leash-training, basic obedience, and good manners are all part of her curriculum. With her eagerness to please and her quick learning abilities, Nera is sure to excel in her training. Nera is eagerly waiting for someone to welcome her into their family and shower her with the love and care she craves. Don't miss out on the chance to bring this bundle of joy into your life! If you are interested in meeting Nera, contact the shelter at 271-5363.