Puppies for Parole Program

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Aug 25


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NovaNova is a 5 year old Terrier mix who is the perfect size to be your couch potato, cuddle buddy, walking partner, and shotgun rider all in one! Nova is a calm, quiet, and well-mannered girl who will make a wonderful addition to any family. She does well with other dogs and truly doesn't know a stranger. Nova is a Puppies for Parole dog which means she is: house-trained, crate-trained, leash-trained, well-mannered, and knows all her basic commands. Don't miss out on this little gem! If you are interested in meeting Nova, contact the shelter at 271-5363.

Aug 25


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RJRJ is a handsome Pitbull mix with the sweetest face you've ever seen! This big fella came to the shelter when his owners could no longer keep him due to unforeseen circumstances. As the months passed, he was not adopted so he was selected to participate in the Puppies for Parole program. RJ has been doing very well in the program and is learning things like: house-training, carte-training, leash-training, basic commands, and good manners. RJ is playing well with the other dogs in the program and really coming out of his shell. While it takes him a little time to warm up in new environments, once he does, he has a very affectionate personality. RJ is described as a mellow and gentle boy. He wants nothing more than a cozy couch to snuggle on with people who can give him all the love he deserves. If you are looking to add a well-mannered dog to your family, adopt RJ! If you are interested in meeting RJ, contact the shelter at 271-5363.

Aug 15


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Meet Obu, a remarkable 5-year-old cattle dog with a heart full of potential and a journey of resilience. Obu's story began when he arrived at the shelter as a shy and fearful stray, unsure of the world around him. However, through the dedicated efforts of his handler in the Puppies for Parole program, Obu has undergone an incredible transformation.

Today, Obu stands as a shining example of the power of patience and positive reinforcement. He's conquered the art of being housebroken and crate-trained, and his repertoire of basic commands is nothing short of impressive. Obu's graceful leash manners make strolls in the park a serene experience, as he walks by your side with a gentle demeanor.

Although his past left him cautious of new faces, Obu's tender spirit yearns for a patient hand that will guide him through the world with kindness. Once you've earned his trust, a bond is formed that lasts a lifetime. Obu's loyalty knows no bounds, and he'll stand by your side through thick and thin.

Obu's perfect home is one where tranquility reigns supreme. He envisions a cozy space filled with the love of a family who shares his appreciation for unhurried walks and the joy of lounging on the couch. If you're ready to open your heart and your home to a dog who will become your forever friend, Obu might just be the missing piece you've been searching for.

Are you the patient and loving family that Obu has been waiting for? Come meet this gentle soul, and discover the joy of earning the trust of a once-fearful dog who is now ready to give his heart completely. If you are interested in meeting Obu, contact the shelter at 271-5363