Stormwater Management & Survey Control

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management is important in St. Joseph because its intended goal to retain or detain stormwater discharges after development at no greater rate than it was discharged before development. Fundamentally, it is a pre-post policy. Properly designed facilities are designed to remove the potential of downstream flooding resultant from new development. View the Stormwater Management Design Standards for Development and Redevelopment Projects (PDF) document.

Stormwater policies are required of cities or urban concentrations with populations of 50,000 or greater. Engineered facility design may result in detention facilities (structures that hold water for storage and release it at a given rate) or retention facilities (structures that store water and only discharge when certain volumes are exceeded). Some designs can result in above ground structures, underground, pipe storage, etc.

Survey Control

More accurate horizontal and vertical control has been established for the City of St. Joseph via a contract with Midland Survey, Inc. By locating existing control in the field and applying new technology available to make more accurate the vertical and horizontal grids, sufficient control now exists throughout the corporate limits to reference on all projects submitted to St. Joseph for new plats and municipally funded projects.

Because this information is utilized in a geographic information system, it is very important that all information submitted be tied to these points and submitted with the appropriate references. Plans and plats that do not will be rejected as incomplete. Information concerning the physical location and coordinates of the points can be found by clicking on the station names below, along with all surveying references. View the Survey Control Requirements (PDF).