It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain roadside ditches adjoining their property, however, as a service, the city will assist property owners, by request, with their maintenance efforts. The city also reserves the right to maintain any ditches in the right-of-way when it is determined this maintenance is needed to preserve or protect city-owned facilities, such as streets. If you wish to have your roadside drainage ditch surveyed for maintenance, call 816-271-4848.

Maintenance of driveway culverts, as well, are the property owner's responsibility. As with roadside ditches, however, the city will assist property owners with this maintenance as time allows, providing the culvert is constructed of accepted material and is of proper size. Additionally, property owners can purchase metal corrugated culverts from the city for their driveways, at the city's cost, as long as certain criteria are met. For example, culverts purchased from the city will be installed only by street division crews. They will be installed in the right-of-way only and cannot be purchased from the city for use on private property. If you wish to purchase a culvert for your driveway, call 816-271-4848 for a site survey, cost estimate, and payment information.

The city does maintain city-owned drainage structures, including alley culverts, crossroad tubes, and other miscellaneous structures.