The Patrol Unit is a 24-hour operation staffed by commissioned officers, patrolling 432 miles of streets within the city. We depend upon the cooperation and assistance of the public to fulfill our mission. Please feel free to contact any of the supervisors listed to express your opinions or share information on how we can continue to provide the highest level of service possible. The division consists of the K-9 Unit, Field Training Program, School Resource Officers, Traffic Unit, Special Event Coordination, Warrants Unit, Court Services Officer, Public Information Officer, Special Response Team and LGBTQ Liason.

Shift Supervisors

Day Shift

Captain Gary Murphy
Sergeant Brett Kelly
Sergeant Brian McClintick
Sergeant Casey Guyer
Sergeant Tracy Barton
Sergeant Chris Thomas
Sergeant Caleb Carter

Night Shift

Captain Chase Cotter
Sergeant Court Protzman
Sergeant Matt Kneib
Sergeant Chris Babb
Sergeant Jeremy Peters
Sergeant Richard McGregory
Sergeant Brett Coy 

K-9 Unit

The K9 unit was re-established in 1995 after its long absence since the early 1980s. K9 dogs are trained in the areas of narcotics detection and patrol work. The dogs are trained to pick up scents of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. The areas the dogs are trained in for patrol work are tracking subjects, building/area searches, apprehension and officer protection. The unit also performs many demonstrations for schools, businesses, and organizations. While on duty the K9s ride and patrol with their handlers; at the end of their shift, the K9's go home with their handlers. The K9 teams are on call at any hour of the day or night to assist the St. Joseph Police Department and other agencies.Often, major searches are conducted with negative results due to suspects hiding in areas where officers cannot see them. This is not only dangerous for officers but can use up valuable patrol time during the search. Our K9s, use their acute sense of smell to locate suspects faster in any type of hiding spot. This ability provides officers with advanced warning, making it safer and more effective for officers to apprehend a dangerous suspect.

Special Response Team

The Special Response Team's (SRT) primary mission is to respond to incidents above the realm of normal patrol operations, such as armed barricaded persons or hostage situations that require the special skills, equipment and training of the team. SRT executes selected search warrants on behalf of the Detective Division, and Buchanan County Drug Strike Force, when it is determined that a "high risk" of armed resistance exists. Positions on the team include entry team and marksman (sniper). Members specialize in entry, intelligence, chemical munitions, less lethal force options, and various other specialties. All members of the SRT volunteer for this job in addition to their regular police assignments. The Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) functions as a subdivision of the Special Response Team. The CNT's goal is to enhance the prospects of peacefully and successfully resolving incidents through communication. The CNT supports and assists both the patrol and SRT functions by providing personnel trained in crisis intervention. The most common applications are suicide interventions and barricaded subjects.