Bonds for Bridges

On June 2, voters approved the issuance of general obligation (G.O.) bonds in the amount of $20 million for the repair and replacement of bridges and transportation infrastructure in St. Joseph. The city currently has zero G.O. Bond debt. The average age of the bridges in need of replacement and repair is 79 years, with six of the bridges being built prior to 1930.

  • If you own a home valued at $150K, you would be paying $34.49 a year or $2.87 a month. 
  • If you own a home valued at $100K, you would be paying $22.99 a year or $1.92 a month.
  • If you own a home valued at $50K, you would be paying $11.50 a year or .96 a month.

Bridges and other transportation projects included:

  • Parkway bridges - King Hill, 22nd Street, Lovers Lane, Gene Field Road, 13th Street, 11th Street - Remove existing bridges and replace. Design elements will include appropriate aesthetics to to complement the beauty and historic nature of the parkway. Replace sidewalks.
  • Huntoon - Remove and replace existing bridge with new bridge.
  • 6th Street viaduct - Approach slab replacements, replace expansion joints, deck sealing and rocker arm repair.
  • MacArthur Drive - Add thru beam rail, ornamental iron pedestrian fence, deck resurfacing and widening for sidewalks, sandblast and paint girders and bearings.
  • 5th Avenue - Remove bridge and fill, place small box culvert to retain access to storm sewer and access/road trail, replace sidewalks.
  • Northwest Parkway pedestrian bridge - Remove existing bridge and replace with pre-engineering bridge and repair existing abutments.
  • Hyde Park cable-stay bridge - Remove or repair existing bridge with new deck and cable stays.
  • Cross-road culvert pipes - Replace approximately ten, large diameter cross-road pipes with concrete box culverts, including sidewalks on the surface to eliminate pedestrian/vehicle conflicts.
  • Frederick Avenue bridge (over I-29) - Aesthetic improvements to the piers, abutments, parapet walls, decorative railing and possibly decorative lighting.
  • Krug Park lower pedestrian bridge - Rehab and repair.

Map of Bridges (PDF)