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PLEASE NOTE:The Agenda Center only provides the agenda in PDF format to download. To view the attached documents for City Council and Planning Commission agendas, please visit the Video Center, where you can also view videos of past City Council and Planning Commission meetings. You can also click on the television icon under the Media column which will also take you to the Video Center.


City Council

Administrative Violation Review Board

American Rescue Act Plan Funding Committee

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Board

Aviation Board

Building and Fire Prevention Code Board of Appeals

Charter Review Committee 2019

City Council Work Session

Community Police Advisory Committee

Downtown Parking Committee

Downtown Review Board

Electrical Standards and Appeals Board

Fire and Emergency Services Advisory Board

Housing Authority

Human Rights Commission

Industrial Development Authority

Land Bank Advisory Committee

Land Bank Board

Landmark Commission

Library Board

Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Homeless Advisory Committee

Mayor's Blue Ribbon Audit Committee

Mayor's Blue Ribbon Citizen's Crime Advisory Committee

Mechanical Standards and Appeals Board

Museum Oversight Board

Operating Engineers Board

Parks and Recreation Board

Personnel Board

Planning Commission

Plumber's Examining and Appeals Board

Police Pension Board

Port Authority

Senior Citizen Foundation, Inc. Board

Social Welfare Board of Buchanan County

Sustainable Environment Advisory Committee

Tax Increment Financing Commission of St. Joseph, Missouri

Tourism Commission

Traffic Commission

Tree Board

Urban Homestead Agency Board

Voluntary Rental Inspection Citizens’ Committee

Zoning Board of Adjustment