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Adopt-A-Park / Trail

  1. The Adopt-A-Park and Adopt-A-Parkway/Trail programs were initiated to protect and enhance St Joseph’s neighborhood parks and parkways. We can accomplish this by partnering with citizen volunteers who want to make a difference in ensuring St Joseph’s parks and parkways are clean and maintained. This can be a rewarding experience which only requires your time and effort. Please fill out this form to participate in the program.
  2. I, speaking for my group, family or myself, agree to participate in the adoption as described on the
    information sheet. I understand that should I fail to call the Parks, Recreation and Civic Facilities
    Administrative Office during the year about our 4 clean up days, our adoption will be forfeited. I further
    understand that should my representation with the group change, I shall inform the Parks, Recreation
    and Civic Facilities Administrative Office as soon as possible of the change. If requirements of the
    program are met, including calling to schedule every cleanup day, you may continue to adopt the same
    section the following year by calling the Parks, Recreation and Civic Facilities Administrative office
    at 816‐271‐5501.  *
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