Traffic Commission


  • 10am
  • Second Wednesday of every month


There are five members appointed by the mayor and council for five-year terms.

  • Mike Voltz
    Term expires on June 28, 2026
  • Brycen Haggard
    Term expires on November 13, 2028
  • Keith Marriott
    Term expires on June 30, 2018
  • Vacancy
    Term expires on December 4, 2027
  • Robert Douglass
    Term expires on February 11, 2024

About the Commission

This commission:

  • Considers all proposed measures designed to improve traffic conditions, to study conditions / plan remedial measures, and to recommend to the City Council that such plans be put into effect for public safety and convenience
  • Hears all complaints, requests, and suggestions for any measure relating to traffic for consideration and recommendation prior to official action by the City Council