Puppies for Parole Program


The Puppies for Parole program started in July 2010 and gives shelter dogs the opportunity to become a more adoptable pet through a training program that teaches basic manners and commands. The incarcerated individuals at WRDCC are selected and trained to handle the dog and provide him/her with the necessary socialization and training to improve the chances of a permanent adoption. The animal is selected by the Humane Educator and placed into the program for approximately 8 to 12 weeks during which they work on: walking nicely on a leash, greeting people without jumping or mouthing, crate training, potty training, and basic commands like sit, stay, lay, leave it and wait. If a dog presents with a certain, unwanted behavioral issue, resources are utilized to break or correct this issue. The dog is available for adoption once they graduate from the program and are available to view on the Animal Control and Rescue website as well as the Missouri Department of Corrections/Puppies for Parole website.

Program Funding

The program is managed by the Humane Educator and Friends of the Shelter Volunteers. The program is supported through donations while additional expenses are paid for by the Friends of the Animal Shelter.

Our Dogs

You can look at a list of the dogs that are in our program online.