Senior Adoption Program


The Senior Adoption Program is sponsored by the Pets for the Elderly Foundation


Animal Control and Rescue participates in the Pets for the Elderly Foundation. This program unites senior citizens, 60 years or older, that may not be able to afford the shelter adoption fees with companion animals. Research conducted by the Baker Medical Research Institute in Australia reflected that people who own a pet had significantly reduced levels of known risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Senior pet owners also often live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The shelter receives numerous older animals that are housebroken and have wonderful dispositions. Often, these animals are relinquished to the shelter because the owner is moving or they have just grown tired of them. These animals are looking for loyalty and someone to share their remaining years with.

Gain a Companion

If you know of someone who would benefit from the companionship of a loving pet, please email Animal Control and Rescue or call 816-271-4877.