"Digs" for Dogs

Digs for Dogs programThe “Digs” for Dogs program, designed by St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue is a way of assisting the community to provide better shelter and living environments for outdoor pets. The community can participate by donating new or used dog houses to Animal Control and Rescue to be dispensed to those pets in need. Items will be dispensed by Animal Control Officers to help owners comply with code ordinance and improve the outdoor living environment of the pet. In addition to receiving donations of dog houses, other supplies that will help pet owners provide their pets with optimum outdoor living spaces will also be accepted as “Digs” for Dogs donated items. Some examples of such items but not limited to are dog friendly tethers, collars, heated water bowls, spill proof water bowls, and doghouse bedding. To participate, deliver new or used dog houses, or other pet supplies, to St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue or call to schedule a pickup: 816-271-4877.

The program is funded by a grant provided by the ASPCA and through donations.

For more information please contact (816)-271-4877.